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Üns ber! Biziň saýtymyzyň esasy maksady Siziň saglyk babatdaky gözýetimiňizi giňeltmekdir. Şonuň üçin-de, saýtyň sahypalarynda berilýän maglumatlaryň esasynda öz-özüňi bejermek maslahat berilmeýär. Öz-özüňi bejermeklik düýpli kynçylyklara uçradyp, janyňyza howp salmagy ähtimal. Lukmanlar saýtyň üsti bilen size bejeriş berip bilenoklar. Lukmanlaryň jogaplary, makalalar, jemgyýetçiligiň teswirleri diňe maslahat hökmünde kabul edilmeli.


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masgala meyilThe government of Turkmenistan and UNFPA conduct an investment case study on unmet need for family planning.

The Government of Turkmenistan together with UNFPA conducted an investment case to determine the cost of ending an unmet need for family planning by 2030. The study was made public by UNFPA on July 9, 2021.

The unmet need for family planning is defined as the percentage of women of reproductive age, who are sexually active and not using any method of contraception (for a certain reason: economic, health, family, religion, lack of knowledge), but who want to stop or delay childbearing.


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childhood obesity in turkmenistanSaglyk’s overview of the new report and recommendations to the Ministry of Health and WHO Turkmenistan.

On May 2021, WHO published the findings of the WHO European Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative (COSI) Report on the fourth round of data collection, 2015–2017. The systematic collection and analyses of the data allow intercountry comparisons and a better understanding of the progression of childhood overweight and obesity in Europe. The data shows that childhood obesity remains a major public health problem in the WHO European Region. Turkmenistan belongs to the WHO European region.


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cancer letterOriginal letter is in English. The letter has been translated into the Turkmen language.

About 12 years ago my mother was diagnosed with cancer in Turkmenistan, she had started losing her voice earlier but the entire time we thought it was because she caught cold. I was a high school student back then, and all I knew about cancer was that most people die from it. I did not know about symptoms, preventive measures, treatment and neither did my parents. They were the working-class folk, with no education beyond high school, and home remedies and traditional medicine were relied upon in our community for the most part anyway. Mama started losing a lot of weight and breathing well became a challenge, this is when one of the family’s friends recommended testing for something more serious than cold in Ashgabat. Fortunately, we were on time, and the Ashgabat doctor in the Oncological Center, saved my mother’s life. Her tumor was a "positive" type, the one that could be cured. She underwent three surgeries and she is enjoying her life to this day, though cancer left her with a disability – she still cannot speak in full voice.

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We came across several patients from Turkmenistan who used the services of Hindi Lukman. We conducted an interview with Mr. Asim Afsar, Founder of Hindi Lukman, based in Delhi, India to find out about his work.

Saglyk: Can you tell us briefly about your work? When did Hindi Lukman start?

Hindi Lukman: We are a two and half year-old Health Care Facilitator Company. Our goal is to provide information, guidance, and full support to citizens of Turkmenistan looking for medical treatment in India. Till now, we have helped more than 100 Turkmen families to get good quality medical treatment including some major surgeries like, liver and kidney transplantation. Hindi Lukman serves as an educator, organizer, facilitator, and as an advocate on behalf of a patient. We provide a full logistical support including language services and translation from the Turkmen and Russian languages into English. Detailed information about our services can be found at our website.

Saglyk: Why do Turkmen patients choose India? What are the specific factors that influence their decision to come to India for medical treatment?

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Perhaps when you go for a walk you might have witnessed how guys would call out at girls with vile words, how they persistently ask for their cell phone numbers, how they whistle when they pass by, or gaze at girls’ body like "hungry" wolves, they stop their cars and invite girls to take a ride with them, or grab girls’ private parts.  I witness disturbing incidents on the streets that assault Turkmen women’s and girls’ dignity, and I am frustrated by the fact that I cannot do anything about it.  The last event that I experienced resulted in ending my inaction and silence on this issue.


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Last summer my aunt and her grandson Bayram came to visit my family. As a typical child, Bayram was super active and to keep him busy I played with him. At some point, Bayram got distracted by my books on the book shelf. He picked up one of the books and asked me to read it to him. The book was about the Nobel Prize winners and their biographies. After sometime Bayram asked me a very interesting question: "Why are all of those names either Charles, John or Alexander? Why don’t they have names like ours, like Bayram or Chary?" I could not find the answer to his question, but I asked myself, why, indeed, among these famous people are there no Turkmen names?


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